Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wordless Wednesday ~ Open Wide

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Dubs said...

Everyone together AWWWWWWWWWW!!!

The Artist said...

How precious! I love it!
My WW is up!

Conie said...

I love it! Brings back memories *wistful sigh* My youngest is 6, and when he opens his mouth that big, it's usually not to eat :D

Ma said...

So cute! She must love the food!

I'm up too.

Michelle said...

Looks like some one is enjoying the first taste of real food! So sweet! Mine's up!

Bobbi Jo said...

Looks like someone is hungry.

eph2810 said...

Hehe - this is just adorable. Must be something yummy though :)...Thank you for sharing and have a blessed Wednesday...

mar said...

I am with Dubs: everybody-
AAAWWWWWWW, too cute, love it, love it!!

Kim said...

What a cutie! Love those cheeks!

Nadiah Alwi said...

makes me hungry :D

great pic, great baby...and seems like...great food!


my WW is also up

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Mr Lifecruiser says that this looks like a bigger food monster than ME ;-)

Heather said...

Look how cute! It kinda makes me miss having a baby.... kinda.

Mines up :)

moonraker said...

Whatever it is baby's about to eat - it must be very tasty

Chaotic Mom said...

OH! The EFFORT going into that bite! How totally adorable. Then they grow bigger, get picky, then become teenagers and eat more... ;)

Uisce said...

Mmmm, fingers!

Ashlee - Xav's Mama said...

Someone's hungry! I love how he's holding on to the highchair!

Knitting Maniac said...


Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, just like stoking a furnance!

~ stacy ~ said...

[chuckle] I'm hearing airplane and train noises now.

I think your little one is hungry, eh? ;)

Tee-T said...

I miss that age!!!!
This is a great shot. You will cherish it in years to come! Too cute!

Melli said...

Awwwww... nummy nummy nummy nummy!!!!

(one of my baby's used to actually SAY nunga nunga nunga nunga when they saw the spoon coming!)

Celfyddydau said...

I gave my baby great nephew custard for the first time the other day, he opened his mouth almost this wide.

Pixiepincessmom said...

Awwwwwwww! How sweet!

Mama Lily said...

love, love, love those cheeks! wow.

The Foo said...

isn't she the hungry baby! cute! happy WW!

Tasra Dawson said...

Doesn't look like you have to convince that hungry baby to eat. No airplanes needed, huh? What a doll!

Brony said...

open wide! Looks like a great little eater.

Jodi said...

Open wide!!! Cute!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Wednesday!

Babs said...

Sweet! "I'm ready! Feed me! Feed me!"

Wendy said...

Too too sweet!!

Lynn said...

sigh, I miss those days;-) Cute picture! Thanks for stopping by.

crickl's nest said...

That is nutso cute!!!! So eager! lol

Rav`N said...

Cute, I can't decide if he looks kinda scared or if he's just putting all the effort his little body could muster into it.

Heidi said...

Too cute!

Thanks for visiting me and for your nice comment!

gillian said...

isnt it great when they apreciate your cooking- one cute baby